2018 Fall Colors

2018 Fall Colors

The Pantone fall 2018 colors are designed to mimic the richness and depth of what you see in a beautiful forest during the fall, but this upcoming fashion season will show both the dark and light side, everything from the plumage of the birds that are leaving to the colors so spot on that you can feel the crunch of the leaves in various stages on the forest floor. Spotted at New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week, the Pantone fall 2018 color palette is everything people dream of when they have the fall and winter season on their minds and maybe even a bit more.

“The Fall/Winter 2018 palette continues to show designers expressing the need for individuality, ingenuity and creativity though fashion,” said Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute. “As designers and consumers alike continue to transition away from cyclical trends, and instead focus on self-expressive colors that evade antiquated seasonal structure, we are seeing very notable non-traditional choices, such as PANTONE 12-0740 Limelight and PANTONE 15-3510 Crocus Petal showing up in the fall/winter palette. Exploring nuances within color families and building off of them with new combinations and materials freshens and reinvents the color story.”

About the Fall 2018 Color Palette

PANTONE 19-1536 Red Pear
Deliciously deep red, whose luscious depth entices.
The beautifully, deliciously rich color dubbed Red Pear leads the lineup of the Pantone fall 2018 color trends. The color is just one shade shy of maroon, with such depth in the color that it would work as a base for a pattern, a stunning nail color, and any of the million different options in between.

PANTONE 18-1549 Valiant Poppy
Brave and outgoing red shade effusive in its allure.
Valiant Poppy has undoubtedly been on multiple runways purely for the vibrancy of this shade of red. This is a color that is striking in both depth and hue; everything made using this color will be simmering with the fading warmth of fall.

PANTONE 18-4048 Nebulas Blue
Reminiscent of twilight, a thoughtful, starry -eyed blue.
The lighter side of the depth and weight of twilight is Nebulas Blue. It is the fall 2018 color that winks through the tops of the trees in the early evening and is certainly going to inspire jaw-dropping designs. This is the blue that is sure to pop in the fall 2018 patterns and prints as well.

PANTONE 15-0850 Ceylon Yellow
Savory and spicy yellow adds an exotic touch.
Ceylon Yellow has a healthy dose of green to it and has been linked to a spicy mustard already. Typically, a comparison to a beloved food or condiment is a pretty good sign. Beautiful leathers in this strong fall 2018 color will fare as well as accent pieces.

PANTONE 18-0625 Martini Olive
Smooth, sophisticated and urbane green adds depth to the Fall/Winter 2018 palette.
The Martini Olive shade chosen by Pantone will certainly be the perfect bridge between colors that fall needs to lighten it up the season’s palette. This is the ideal shade of green for fall, not too dark, deep or dismal, as many fall and winter shades of green can tend to be.

PANTONE 16-1255 Russet Orange
This forest floor orange speaks to earthen warmth.
Russet Orange is one of the brightest Pantone fall 2018 colors mimicking the fallen leaves. The color will be excellent on all fabrics and even more interesting as a nail lacquer. With just a light touch of imagination millions of options are available and muted only the slightest bit.

PANTONE 18-3838 Ultra Violet
Inventive and imaginative Ultra Violet lights the way for what is yet to come.
Pantone’s 2018 color of the year, Ultra Violet is pure purple without too much of either of its base colors. The perfectly blended shade is the beautiful hue with depth and softness. The color is described as imaginative and inventive, and it embodies both of these descriptions perfectly, likely looking beautiful paired in any capacity with the other Pantone fall 2018 color trends on the palette or the typical fall and winter shades.

PANTONE 15-3520 Crocus Petal
A cultivated and refined hue adds a light and airy spring like feeling demand.
Crocus Petal is the lightest yet most romantic of the Pantone fall 2018 colors on the palette. It is soft and reminiscent of the last vestiges of the spring and summer bouquets, showing the resilience of the last of the lightest purple-toned Ornamental Allium determined to bloom before winter.

PANTONE 12-0740 Limelight
Animated and effervescent, a pungent yellow green becomes the center of attention.
Limelight is bright and “pungent” as described by Pantone. The shade is the lightest and brightest of the Pantone 2018 colors offered for the fall palette, just a touch brighter than the yellow of the fallen leaves people like to collect during fall.

PANTONE 18-5025 Quetzal Green
A deep elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage.
Quetzal Green is the truest epitome of bright yet deep. The color will not be confused with any other shade. The color is nothing short of a sensational mix of blues and greens that is sure to be on the runways of the biggest fashion houses.

Pantone 15-1515 Mellow Rose
Mellow Rose is smooth and vibrant and one of the only two shades unique to the London fall 2018 color trends. This is one of the Pantone fall 2018 colors that are the softest of the fall colors ever proposed, making the color palette unique and stunning. A soft pink is not typically considered to be a fall shade.

Pantone 18-2045 Pink Peacock
Pink Peacock is the other color exclusive to London’s Pantone fall 2018 color trends palette. The impressive shade will be ravishing against most skin tones, so it will be even more stunning in the mix of fashions and styles we expect to see around the world.

Pantone Fall/ Winter 2018 Classic Color Palette
In addition to the rich and bold colors for fall, Pantone, as usual, also presents five classic fall 2018 colors that can be mixed and matched with the rest or channeled alone for a head-turning, elegant look. These are the basic Pantone fall 2018 colors we have seen from New York to London and that many will revel in come the colder months!

Pantone 19-4031 Sargasso Sea
Sargasso Sea is the newest incarnation of navy blue. It is dark and intriguing, certain to appeal to every smooth apparel style, and the edgy and risqué. The best feature of a color this deep is the ease of combining it with other fall 2018 colors to great effects.

Pantone 11-4801 Tofu
Tofu will be the off-white staple of the fall and winter season. It is not too bright, stark or crisp, and the appeal it owns as a shade will be unparalleled in the fall and winter 2018 color trends.

Pantone 14-1116 Almond Bluff
Almond Bluff has a nice nude feel and is soft camel-toned hue that will work against the broadest of skin tones without boring anyone who loves fashion to tears. A good nude color will always have a presence in the closet of the well-dressed, and Almond Bluff is the best shade to fill that slot.

Pantone 14-4107 Quiet Gray
Quiet Gray is the temperate and subdued shade of gray that anyone who doesn’t want to appear like they are wearing athletic gear will flock to for their high fashion needs. Those recently into athleisure will like the muted and cool appearance, making this gray a smooth option that can certainly make an aesthetic difference.

Pantone 16-1438 Meerkat
Meerkat is the dusky, burnished medium-hued brown that will be the most requested shade of brown for the Pantone fall 2018 color trends. This is the perfect color to work with multiple finishes and textures on the runways, shelves and in every closet full of fall fashions.

Pantone 19-4031 Sargasso Sea
Sargasso Sea is the newest incarnation of navy blue. It is dark and intriguing, certain to appeal to every smooth apparel style, and the edgy and risqué. The best feature of a color this deep is the ease of combining it with other fall 2018 colors to great effects.

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