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Top 10 Items a Woman Should Carry in Her Purse

Top 10 Items a Woman Should Carry in Her Purse

There are tons of things that we carry in our purses and sometimes, maybe most times, it’s not a good things. There’s clutter and it’s always a struggle to find that one thing that you need more than anything at the time of your search.

Well ladies, here’s a list of things that are critical to carry at all times, which may help with ridding of the clutter that comes with having a purse.

  1. A few pouches that zip up | One for makeup, one for papers like receipts and notes, and one for loose change that always gathers up to a fortune in the bottom of our bags. pouches
  2. Aspirin | We never know when we’ll catch a migraine or headache, so it’s always good to have that handy to save the day from becoming Katie Kaboom.Aspirin
  3. Hand Sanitizer | A true necessity with the many forms of bacteria we come in contact with on the daily. Get you one that smells amazing so it works a fragrance as well.sanitizer
  4. Sewing Kit or Safety Pins | Sometimes, our skirts may rip, our shirts may be too low, or something simply doesn’t fit correctly. Having these items can save you from a fashion mishap.sewing kit
  5. A Sanitary Item | Mother nature can be very tricky at times, so make sure your purse always has a tampon on pad in it for that time of the month.tampons
  6. Battery Charger | As much as we want our phone batteries to last forever, it doesn’t happen often, invest in a battery charger so you won’t miss out on important fashion updates.Battery Charger
  7. Petty Cash | It’s always a good idea to have some cash on you. Situations arise where a card may not be
  8. Gum or Mints | We all know the reason this is important. Fresh Breath is the Best Breath.peppermint
  9. Blotting Papers | To control those oil spots that happen to come at the wrong times.blotting paper
  10. Hair Items | Keeping a hair tie and small brush in your bag keeps you prepared for those windy days that toss your hair in an unflattering items



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